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January 10, 2017
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Being a new mother is the most amazing blessing you can have in your life and at the same time it is the most stressful time because everything is new to you and every new milestone can sometimes be a bit challenging. I love being a new mother, although there are a lot of new challenges along the way, and these challenges change from month to month.

I created this blog to share my favorite baby products and solutions to issues I had to deal with and hopefully be able to help other new mothers along the way; from feeding, diapering, nursing, strolling, car seats, baby gear and health products. When you do not know what works well, you will end up buying more than you need and will have spent unnecessarily. I tried many, many different products from day one and I am still trying out new things, I want to shed some light on what worked for me and my baby and perhaps will help you make the best buying choices because you always want to start your baby with the best.

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